How to find IP address of your friend.

Of course this is also a question in itself. The most efficient way to find an IP address of an online friend is to first develop a script in C language, then it is to be uploaded to a free web hosting service and when the victim clicks the link, his IP address gets stored in the text file as we have seen in Pishing technique. So for almost all of the internet users, it seems to be a
hectic job. The alternative for this method is a more simple way, so that we can find the IP address of our friend or the victim. The procedure is as under:

1. Type in your address bar and hit enter.

2. Enter your email address and Click on Get Link.
3. Follow On- Screen Instructions, when your friends will click on these links, their IP address will be shown to you via email.

Hope You might have enjoyed. Thatz ol for today, stay connected.... is not working nowadays so this tut will not work.


Peerzada Musadiq

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  1. not work

  2. @Chissa. There may be problem with your computer you can first disable the antivirus and then try. I hope that it will solve the problem.
    Pz Mussadiq

  3. is there any other way to find it the ip? i mean, having the victim not click links or have the idea that i am finding out their ip.


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