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Hack ADSL Routers of others

Peerzada Musadiq

Dear friends, today I will show you how to hack ADSL router of others. An ADSL router is also known as a DSL modem. The router is used to connect the computer to the DSL phone line for using the ADSL service. In a layman's language we simply refer it as modem. In our Kashmir, usually ZTE modems are being used by most of the internet users. Almost 90 percent of users don't know about the Vulnerability of their ADSL modems which can

easily be exploited by hackers.
An ADSL router comes with a username and a password by default by its manufacturer. This default username and password is a major threat to almost all of the internet users. Let us start with the procedure of  HACKING OTHER"S DSL MODEM. shall we start:p
1. The first step involved is to see your ip address. As I have already described it, u can go to any of this type of website e.g, www.whatismyipaddress.com or simply the widget on left of the page entitled "Your Details" will display your ip address.
2. Second important step is to download ip scanner, Download it from here.
3. How to use ip scanner. this is very simple;
  • After You get your ip address,let me start by using my own ip address i.e,
  • When you open ip scanner, you will jave to type the ip address range in the following manner ie,  


    thus you will scan different ip addresses to see which of them are alive and which are dead.

    After u click scan, a list of ip addresses will be displayed, like in figure

    • Note the ip addresses with blue button are alive and the others displayed are dead.


      Type one of the alive ip address in your internet browser's address bar and hit enter.

      3. You will be asked for a username and a password. Type "admin" as username and "password" as password and login.

      After you login, now you are in the victim's ADSL router, You can edit configurations there and he will not be able to use internet.



      Hope U have enjoyed the article....

19 Responses so far.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great brother


  2. Anonymous says:

    u r rocking Musadiq...... very nice.....
    Abhay Sharma

  3. Anonymous says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Anonymous says:

    how do u mean editing the configurations, explain to me.

  5. The configuration settings like username, password, different values in WAN Configuration settings etc,. can be edited.

  6. your application (ip scanner) contains trojan
    thank your for your post

  7. @Abdelkrim Sais You can also search the ip scanner in google, I will check my application

  8. Not only was it the cheapest in the store it also included a built in 4 port Ethernet switch and wireless access point.

  9. Anonymous says:

    how do i get changed password ???? plzz help

  10. Anonymous says:

    this one doesn't work for me... I want to hack the password of my adsl router. It is changed by my brother and now I am not able to use wifi..so....

  11. In technical matters such as internet connection, this is not as simple as combining a few sets of wires to achieve the goal one has in mind. One must therefore seek the services of a good provider in order to enjoy the benefits of this solution.

  12. Anonymous says:

    you can push the reset button of your router, the passes will get changed to default.

  13. Aarif says:

    i am not able to login any where it shows me wrong username and password

  14. Aarif says:

    i am typing admin as admin name and password as password am i right

  15. Which modem are u using Arif Bhai

  16. Arif try admin as admin and admin as password.

  17. Anonymous says:

    hey networkers ,, by default dsl modems block incoming ports for configurations:
    23 telent
    80 web

    we can use with ip scan .. NMap to sreach for open ports ..

    hint: a lot of modems had a stupid hacking door which is 443 https port..

    so use HTTPS://A.B.C.D/ then admin admin ,, be cool

  18. The "admin" using the "password" doesn't work?

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